Accommodationa and transfer
Accommodationa and transfer

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Accommodationa and transfer


We provide different kinds of accommodation: host families, apartments for rent, hostel, hotel.

The most popular type of accommodation is at your teacher’s apartment. This is the most effective learning of any foreign language. Your teacher can help you with any situation at any time.

Host family accommodation is the most popular option for our students. Living in the welcoming atmosphere with the “locals” lets you learn about Russian culture and customs form inside.

Families are carefully selected to ensure good standards of cleanliness, comfort and safety. All families used by our School are inspected by a member of the school staff. Students can choose from bed and breakfast to half-board accommodation. Single room or twin room accommodation is provided according to booking.

Apartments are available for those who wish more freedom in exploring Russia. The one-room, double-room apartments are  for you to choose from. All the modern facilities (including shower or bath, fully equipped kitchen) will make your stay more comfortable.

You may also stay in a student hostel. We can help you to find single and shared accommodation. Staying in a hostel will give you an excellent opportunity to meet students from different countries.

Hotel accommodation is offered for students, who require executive accommodation. You can choose any hotel, including the splendid 5-star hotels. We offer the hotels in the city centre with an easy reach to the big stores, fascinating palaces and main office buildings. Beautiful views and well-trained staff of the hotels will satisfy any demand.


If you choose to book our Airport Transfer service, we will meet you at the airport and arrange your safe transportation directly to your accommodation.

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