Russian as a foreign language I Русский для иностранцев I Интеллект-Тур
Russian as a foreign language I Русский для иностранцев I Интеллект-Тур

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Интеллект-тур - образование, обучение за границей
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Russian as a foreign language

Learn Russian in Saint-Petersburg! Intellect Tour is glad to offer individual lessons of Russian as a foreign language. We know how to help you to speak Russian without making mistakes every minute or being afraid of your pronunciation. Students are encouraged to read newspapers and magazines and learn about events which might be of interest to them. You will visit famous museums, theatres and sights of our beautiful city together with your teacher! Our school is located on the Nevsky prospect, close to entertainment, shopping, art and cultural centres of Saint-Petersburg. Our friendly staff is available to help you to settle into Russian life and assist you throughout your stay. Specialist counsellors supervise homestays, ensuring smooth family/student relationships. We are happy to give you an advice at any time about your settling into life with your new Russian family, visa renewals, independent travelling, and other topics. Whatever your request, you can count on personal, professional service from our friendly staff.

All our teachers are experienced, dedicated professionals. They are university graduates with formal training in teaching Russian as a second language. They are friendly, helpful, and interested in your individual progress. They wish to improve your skills in Russian as soon as possible. Every teacher has experience and understands how it feels to study another language and to live in a different culture. The energy and enthusiasm of our staff will inspire you to learn quickly.

With a population of nearly 5 million people Saint-Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia after Moscow and also one of the most exciting and loveliest cities in the world. Saint-Petersburg is ideal for learning Russian as a second language. You will find the most hospitable atmosphere everywhere: in the shops, museums and streets.

Saint-Petersburg can offer you ideal environment where everybody has true Russian accent. It is the language of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, Shaliapin and Rostropovich.

You will be impressed by the splendid buildings and gorgeous residential palaces. Saint-Petersburg was founded in 1703 and you will be able to see a lot of magnificent buildings of XVIII and XIX centuries.

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